In order to ensure our ponies, students, staff and visitors get the most out of being at Drumalbyn we have devised a protocol for general safety :

You will need to sign a waiver acknowledging the risks of riding and handling horses or ponies. Please print off, sign and provide us with a copy, and keep a counter-signed copy for yourself.  You will also be deemed to have read, understood and accepted our safety first rules.

Visiting instructors MUST have their own 3rd party insurance.

FIRST AID: there are human and equine First Aid kits in the tack room and in the indoor school.  There is  also an incident book in which all incidents must be recorded, signed and dated.


REMEMBER that a horse or pony is a large, heavy and potentially fast-moving animal and even the quietest one may suddenly take fright or do something unexpectedly. Common sense and alertness to your surroundings will prevent most hazardous events.




1. Students must wear:         - an approved, undamaged and properly fitted riding helmet

                                                 - riding boots or strong shoes with some heel (nothing which could                                                    catch in the stirrup or allow foot to slide through, no deep treads).                                                    Zippered boots must have zips to the front or the side away from                                                     the horse.

Recommended:        - an approved, undamaged and properly fitted body protector

                                    - gloves

                                    - no jewellery, especially dangly earrings.

2. Students must listen to the direction of their instructor, failing to do so can result in injury to the horse or student. 

3. Students and other visitors must at all times show respect to teachers, animals, helpers and fellow students at all times. 


4. Parents are requested not to enter the school when lessons are in progress unless invited.

APPROPRIATE GEAR: horses and ponies will be ridden or worked in an appropriate manner (not overfaced or overworked) and in suitable gear. We do not recommend the use of boots, bandages or ear bonnets in normal everyday riding.  Rollkur or anything similar is not acceptable.

DOGS: must be kept on leashes or in your car, and must be cleaned up after.

SMOKING: is not permitted anywhere on the property.

FIRE PLAN: please familiarise yourself with fire and evacuation plans.


FLOAT PARKING: marked area beside indoor school. Float wheels must be chocked if float is unhitched from towing vehicle. 


DRIVING on the property. Clients may only drive on the entrance lane and in the arena area. Speed must be under 8 km/h.


STALLIONS: we have several resident stallions and they must be treated with respect. You must not enter their paddocks unless accompanied by a staff member. Children must not approach them closely or touch them. If they are out being worked please keep your distance! NEVER bring other horses up close to them.


YOUNG PONIES AND HORSES: as a stud we will have youngsters in training and we ask that you are considerate around them, make sure they know you are around, don’t startle them etc. On the other hand they do need to get used to the big bad world so gentle exposure to other people, horses, vehicles and movement i.e. normal activities going on around them are fine. Just keep an eye out and on no account offer unsolicited advice!

FENCES: most fences are electrified or in the process of being electrified. Don’t get zapped!

GATES: common sense applies! Make sure road gate in particular is kept closed. The road gates are locked at night and sometimes during the day. Agistees will be told how to access a key.


SHOW JUMPS, poles, dressage markers, mounting blocks and EMBA obstacles MUST be stored away after use unless you have been told you don’t need to. Any damage must be notified.


CHILDREN must be supervised at all times. Please ensure there is no running around, throwing things or yelling.


PONIES must NOT be fed treats. 


SNAKES: please be aware that Eastern brown snakes have been sighted on and near the property. Wear appropriate footwear and be alert.


QUARANTINE AREA: the box and yard in the main house paddock are strictly out of bounds. At times we may have horses quarantined in the cattle yards and these MUST NOT be approached.


PRIVATE PROPERTY AREAS include cottage and surrounding yards and buildings, office unit, main house, shedding and front and back gardens (except for WC in back garden). These areas must not be accessed without prior permission. 

RESIDENT DOGS: Both are friendly. Toby the Airedale will steal food if you leave it where he can get it. This includes your car. Lassie the Border Collie loves cars and will jump in through an open window. Lassie will also sometimes try to “heel” horses (n.b. they are generally confined to the house yard and if you find them out you can shut them in there).